We are currently offering the following services: Hairdressing and make-up. But other services will follow.

In Germany

Yes, of course. Just click on the following link: Services. Or just click on the button “Find a service” above.

Yes, very soon we will propose you products like raw shea butter, shampoos, conditionier, etc. These products will come from our partners.

You can leave a review after the service. Users can give a review to hairstylist or make-up artists. And vice versa. So, the lower the note the worse the reputation.

The user and the service provider can organize themselves as they wish.

Filter the search

Yes. Just click on the menu “Find a service” or on one of the sub-menus “Hairstyle” or “Make-up”. On the right of the displayed page you will then find search criterias. By “product tags” select the city.


Yes, until 24h before the appointment. After that you can’t cancel the appointment anymore.

Once you have found the service you are looking for, simply write to the service provider. He/she will then propose you several appointments.
The appointment can be made either through private messages or you can use our “rendez-vous”-option on
  1. Go on “My Account” then “My profile!
  2. Select the button “Rendez-vous”
  3. Then click on “New Rendez-vous” to make a new appointment

The following image illustrates the previous steps:


It’s free to make an account on our plattform. However as user you have to pay for a service (hairstylist, make-up artist). From this amount we deduct 10%. And the rest goes to the hairstyler or make-up artist.

With Paypal or a credit card.

Yes, there is. Each user pays for each service extra 10% for the site maintenance.

Easy steps to find a hairstylist/make-up artist

It’s easy:

  1. Search for a service by clicking on the menu “Find a service” (Find a service). Or you can click on one of the submenus of “Find a service”: Hairstyle (Hairstyle) or Make-up artist (Make-up artist).
  2. Filter you search. You will find more details in the FAQ group “Filter my search” below.
  3. Make an appointment with your service provider
  4. Pay the service online
  5. Enjoy
  6. Leave a review

It was indeed easy 🙂

How to register as a hairstylist/make-up artist?

  1. Click on the menu “Register as a hairstylist or make-up artist” or click here.
  2. After completing your registration – in order to add your services, click on the left menu “Products”.
  3. Then on “Add new”. You should then see something like this:
  4. Don’t forget to enter the name of the city where you propose your services with a hashtag before it. You should write it all in lower case letters. For example: #darmstadt, #mannheim. This is very important. Otherwise your services won’t be found.
  5. Write a persuasive description.
  6. Enjoy it and earn a lot of money!


Yes. You just have to click on the menu “Members” or here.

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