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Founded by 2 young Cameroonians, Ikedi is a company that aims to highlight the talents of Africans and extend the African know-how. Through its website and soon its mobile application, Ikedi allows its users to offer and get services.

IKEDI sheds the light on the talents of Africans and extend African know-how. This is manifested by a website ( and an application (not yet available). The site allows users to offer and to get services (stores, restaurants, hairstyle, tailoring, etc.). In addition, users can create a network by interacting with their contacts: making posts, commenting on them, writing messages, liking publications, etc.



Maxime Djongoué

Maxime Djongoué is a 25-year-old Cameroonian student in electrical engineering, more specifically in the field of robotics. He is also an entrepreneur and the co-founder of the platform. He grew up in West Africa, particularly in Bamako, Mali. Since a young age, he has posed the question of how to have a positive impact around him and in the…

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Gaëtan Pandji

Gaëtan Pandji is 24 years old. He is a student in electrical and computer engineering at the technical university in Darmstadt. Since his arrival in Germany the advancement of the African community is important for him. He then got involved in the football team “SV Kamerun Darmstadt” as active player and general secretary (2 years long). He also actively took…

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